A directory of henna artists who have been personally recommended by members of the Australian bellydance community.

This list has grown too big to be on just one page! So, I have now divided the Dancers directory into each individual state.

Please click on the map to go directly to the listings for that particular state.

There are some excellent Australian bellydance websites that contain heaps of useful and interesting information. The ones that I intend to be listed here are ones that are not about a particular teacher, dancer, studio or troupe… but rather, general or regional bellydance information sites.

Informational Sites

Belly Dance Diary *


Western Australia





The place to keep you informed with up and coming events in the West Australian Belly Dance Community. This is for special Events, Workshops, Performances, Hafflas, who is dancing where (even restaurant gigs).

Belly Dance Lessons Online *


0416 236 132





Attract approving eyes wherever you go! Want to learn to belly dance but not sure where or who to start with? Shift work or not able to leave the house easily due to family committments?

Learn to belly dance online!

Charni’s friendly style helps you to feel good, she breaks down all the moves right to basics and then builds up difficulty, explaining the moves in a clear and easily understood manner. Full support given as well as hip scarves and props. Free eClasses for you to try!

Belly Dance Oz – Australian Belly Dancers *


New South Wales



Profiles of professional belly dancers and belly dance teachers throughout Australia, each with a video clip so clients and prospective students can see them in action before booking a gig or enrolling for belly dance classes.

Elysium Classes Online*





Elysium is Ma’isah’s dark/gothic fusion belly dance in a tribal style format, meaning moves have names and cues, and can be danced as choreography and strung together as improvisation.

Elysium is a ritualistic and spiritual dance practice for dark fusion belly dancers, transcending simply movement and embracing individuality, unity and exploring the divine female archetype through dance.

Twelve years of dance exploration and development have led me to create the Elysium format; I have been teaching and performing with Elysium in large and small groups, duets and as a soloist across Australia and beyond since 2009. Free classes for you to try!

Jewel Bellydance *




(03) 9379 8471





Downloadable articles on all things bellydance – costume patterns, how-to’s (such as ‘how to make a veil’, ‘how to improvise’), inspiring bellydance stories and more. Content is always being added, so check back regularly.

O.M.E.D.A *


P.O. Box, Victoria





The Organisation for Middle Eastern Dance in Australia, Inc. is a not-for-profit networking, support and resource group for professional dancers, musicians, students and anyone else with an interest in the music and dance of the Middle East. We aim to promote Middle Eastern Dance.


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Who maintains this website?*

That’s me!

My name is Anne Ramsden, tho I am usually known as “Annabella” on-line. I am from Rockingham in Western Australia.

I began bellydancing in 2001. In 2002 I began studying American Tribal Style bellydance and was totally hooked! I am a tribal dancer through and through!! I have danced with many wonderful tribes over the years… The Kismet Tribe, Free Spirit Gypsy Tribal, Tribalive!, and now … Azwahn.

I am retired, (I used to work as a medical scientist). My other hobbies include Medieval Recreation in the SCA, and patchwork.

Why did you create it?*

The decision to create the Australian Bellydance directory was sparked by a conversation with a visitor to a Bellydance Bazaar in Perth. She wanted to learn bellydance, but was frustrated by not being able to find much local information on the internet. So… I decided to try to remedy that situation!

When did this website start?*

24th June, 2004

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